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How do you learn English?

Many people arrive in the UK looking for work with a very low level of English. Unfortunately this means that only low paid boring factory work with long shifts is available.

People who can communicate in English have a very big advantage when looking for the better jobs and when trying to use the local services. It is very difficult to enjoy living in a society if you can't communicate with people who can help you in the health service, education, local government, the police, the banks the shops the utility companies, gas, phone, electricity etc. Some of these companies employ people who speak other languages but not all. But that person could be you!

Krzystof, 31, came to the UK in 2004. He had been a sales man in Poland and had a very low level of English language when he arrived. He had never taken an English Language course or even an English lesson before He worked in factories and in the evenings spent some of his money on an English course at a private English language school. He went to English Lessons twice a week. His English level improved and In 2007 he got a job in a bank and doubled his salary.

So like Krzytof, some people manage improve their language level and this gives them the possibility of getting better jobs in an office or as a supervisor.

The English language level of some people doesn't change even after years of living in the UK which prevents them getting good jobs or integrating into their community in the UK. Learning English in the UK ensures that you perfect British accents, unusual words and phrases. It is completely different to learning English in your own country. It will help immensley when communicating in English with people where their first language is English and it will help with your confidence levels - nothing can compare to being around English people where you speak and listen constantly to the English language.

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